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Choosing Between Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

Wood blinds and faux wood blinds match any decor and style with color choices and stains that are anything but ordinary, ranging from many shades of white and ivory to the traditional natural wood stains to modern yellow, gray and plum in popular distressed or rustic options. Wood and faux wood blinds do have some idiosyncrasies and function and look better in different rooms of the house. Wood vs faux wood always seems to present a quandary, so let’s look at each type of these blinds to help you decide which of these window treatments is the best selection for you. Choosing between wood blinds and faux woods can be an easy choice to style your windows in this classic design.

Source: Blindsgalore
Source: Blindsgalore

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are simply imitation wood blinds; hence the word “faux” which means imitation or artificial. Faux wood blinds look like the “natural thing,” but what is faux wood? Faux wood blinds are actually made of either a composite wood material or a PVC/vinyl material. Wood and faux blinds are both constructed with slats but faux wood blinds either have slats with a wood core that is coated with a high tech polymer (composite) or the slats are entirely made of a vinyl/PVC material. Both of these materials are highly durable and will not warp, crack or fade, making them good choices for humid spots such as kitchens and bathrooms. High traffic areas that get a lot of wear and tear from our busy, curious children and other active areas demand faux wood blinds. If you live near the coast or in the South, in areas of extreme humidity and heat, you will want faux wood blinds. Faux wood blinds are easy to clean as any type of cleaning products can be used since you don’t have to worry about damaging any of the fine grain of real wood. Some faux woods tend to be heavier and can create a bit larger stack at the top of the window which decreases some light when raised. If you have a large or oversize window, you might struggle when raising or lowering this blind. However, faux wood blinds are the economical, inexpensive choice to give your home the “natural” look you want to achieve. Faux wood blinds continue to be one of the most popular window treatments for their versatility and uncomplicated design.

Sources: Metro Blinds, Blind Spot Utah & Blind Selection
Sources: Metro Blinds, Blind Spot Utah & Blind Selection

Wood Blinds

Real wood blinds are truly made from wood which has an outstanding look which offers the natural, warm and organic feel to your decor. Many people prefer real hardwood blinds just for the sophistication and refined quality that real wood blinds impart to any room. Wood blinds are like a hand rubbed piece of fine furniture, with a definite fine grain and a beautiful texture with unique details. Most wood blinds are made from North American hardwoods, using sustainable forestry methods required today with our dwindling supply of trees. The patina of real wood blinds cannot be denied or replicated. This upscale look does need some love and care as harsh chemicals need to be avoided when cleaning. Wood blinds do provide excellent insulation because of the strong wood construction and they offer superior privacy and shield furniture and art from harsh sunlight. Real wood blinds are lightweight and long lasting and are available in more varied size options, an important factor when covering large or oversize windows. If you have a special stained wood trim or you are trying to match furniture, hardwood blinds come in beautiful stains and many colors. Real wood blinds are a rich addition to any home and add an unrivaled warmth of elegance. Wood blinds are simply an irresistible design choice for your windows.

Sources: Blinds Brothers, Cadillac Shutters, On-Site Specialists, & Premium Blinds Direct
Sources: Blinds Brothers, Cadillac Shutters, On-Site Specialists, & Premium Blinds Direct

Whether you choose faux wood blinds or real wood blinds, your windows will be treated in style to the timeless quality these “wood” window treatments bestow. Wouldn’t you know!

Still thinking about new blinds for your home?

How to Measure for Window Blinds and Shades

For optimal performance, window blinds and shades need to be measured correctly. The two most common installations are inside mounting, where the window blinds and shades are installed inside the window frame, and outside mounting, where the treatments will sit outside the frame. Which measurements you need are dictated by the type and style of your window treatments. 

Which Option is Best for You?

Before you can measure for your new window treatments, you need to decide which installation option is best for you and your needs. Some considerations include:

  • Household Activity Types
  • Window Shape
  • Level of Light Control Required
  • Type of Window Treatments

During your in-home consultation with HiTech Shading, their experts will help you determine which type of mounting option will provide the best outcome. Once you’ve decided on where the window blinds and shades will be installed, great care should be taken to measure the area correctly, particularly if you are having them custom made for your home.

Measuring for an Inside Mount

When measuring your windows for mounting inside the frame, you need to get an exact measurement. To do this, use a steel measuring tape and round down to the nearest 1/8th of an inch. Take the measurements flush with the inside edge of the frame. You will need at least six measurements:

  • Top Vertical
  • Middle Vertical
  • Bottom Vertical
  • Left Side
  • Middle Horizontal
  • Right Side

More often than not, windows are not completely square, but this only becomes apparent when the windows are measured for new treatments, or when poorly fitted shades are installed. 

Measuring for an Outside Mount

You will still need the six measurements listed above, the main difference; however, is how far you take your measurements out. For installing treatments on the outside of the frame you will want to decide how far across and down the blinds and shades will go, and take your measurements accordingly. 

Be careful to record the information accurately, especially for custom ordered products, as these often cannot be fixed to meet the correct measurements. When in doubt, it’s best to leave the measurements to the professionals at HiTech Shading.

To learn more about how to measure for your new window blinds and shades, or to request an in-home consultation in the Austin, TX, and surrounding areas, please contact the experts at HiTech Shading today!

HiTech Shading Announces the Benefits of Installing Plantation Shutters in Austin Area Homes

HiTech Shading has announced that installing plantation shutters in Austin area homes provides homeowners with a number of benefits, including increased curb appeal and reduced heating and cooling costs.

Austin, TX – August, 2016 – HiTech Shading, a local window treatment installer for Austin area homes, has announced that plantation shutters, which have seen a spike in popularity, provide homeowners with a number of valuable benefits. 

The rise in popularity is in large part due to the customizable nature of the plantation shutters, coupled with the cost saving benefits. Plantation shutters can effectively save Austin area homeowners on heating and cooling costs. This type of window treatment also helps reduce glare and adds another layer of insulation to windows.

New materials and manufacturing techniques have allowed more customization of plantation shutters than ever before. With the improvements in style, plantation shutters can seamlessly blend into the current decor, or stand out proudly as conversation starters. Customizable style options include:

  • Size of panels
  • Color and texture
  • Width of spacing
  • Materials
  • Layout of panels

Mobile panels allow homeowners to easily customize the amount of light and the angle of entry to meet the current and ever changing needs of the family. They are commonly installed either vertically or horizontally across the windows. Half circle windows also look beautiful with plantation shutters.

Caring for this type of window treatment is another aspect that has influenced the growing trend in Austin. Plantation shutters can be easily cleaned with a duster or soft cloth, and move easily to allow access to the window.

Those interested in learning more about the customizable plantation shutters in Austin and the surrounding areas are encouraged to contact HiTech Shading to request their free in-home consultation. 

About HiTech Shading

For over 10 years, HiTech Shading has proudly served the Austin, TX and surrounding areas with outstanding customer service and beautiful, custom window treatments. As a locally owned and operated business, they guarantee their work 100 percent.

For more information, please visit: www.blindsandshadesaustin.com or call (512) 387-2743.

The Benefits of Faux Wood Window Blinds

Window treatments, regardless of type and style, are designed to control the amount of light and visibility allowed in through a window. The type of window treatment, however, depends a great deal on personal tastes and the needs within the household. There are countless options for window treatments, in the Austin area, however, faux wood window blinds are a popular option because of a number of benefits.

Better Durability Over Other Window Treatment Options

Likely the biggest reason for their increasing popularity is that faux wood window blinds can withstand the brutal heat common in the Austin area. Unlike real wood, faux wood will not warp or bend when the heat and humidity rises, making them ideal additions to kitchen or bathroom windows. They also provide better protection against damages in high traffic areas, such as living rooms or children’s play spaces. 

Customizable for Wide Appeal

Long gone are the days where faux wood blinds look like cheap knock-offs. Today, new manufacturing techniques and materials have opened up a wider selection of customizable features, including, but not limited to:

  • Wood type
  • Finish or stain color
  • Size of slates 
  • Texture

Now, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between real wood and faux wood from a distance. Due to their customizable nature, faux wood blinds can seamlessly blend into any decor scheme, providing beauty and elegance to the room. 

Ease of Care and Cleaning

Caring for real wood often requires specialized cleaning products to reduce the risks of damaging the blinds. Faux wood, however, can be cleaned using any standard household cleaner, and a soft cloth or duster, making them ideal for busy families. They can even be removed and cleaned with hot soapy water to remove built up grease from kitchen areas. 

Budget Friendly

Faux wood window blinds are a budget friendly option for window treatments. Since they are made from cheaper material than real wood blinds, faux wood provides all the beauty of real wood, for a fraction of the price. They can withstand the intense heat and humidly common in the southern part of the US, which reduces the need to replace window treatments while improving air transfer rates. 

HiTech Shading

To learn more about the benefits of faux wood window blinds and other shade options, or to request your free in-home consultation in the Austin and surrounding areas, please contact the experts at HiTech Shading today!